AMBA 2018

VISI CAD/CAM to be Exhibited Feb. 14-16 at AMBA 2018 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The latest release of VISI CAD/CAM, by Vero Software, provides a variety of new and enhanced functionality for the mold and die market, and will be featured Feb. 14-16 at AMBA (American Mold Builders Association) Conference 2018, presented at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Hundreds of the nation’s top mold builders are expected to attend of the AMBA Conference 2018, where industry professionals will gather to learn new ways to increase profitability, connect with peers, and improve operations and tactics to impact profits. The 2018 conference is also designed to inspire, motivate and educate mold builders about how to positively influence the people around them.

Visitors to AMBA Conference 2018 can learn more about VISI by visiting the exhibition of VISI North American Master Distributor TST Tooling Software Technology, which will provide demonstrations of the solution’s latest upgrades and new features. TSTracker, new job-tracking software developed by TST specifically for the mold and die industry, will also be featured at the event.

VISI 2018 R1 introduces a new Mold Tool module based on VISI’s Assembly-Ng technology. This redeveloped module provides greater flexibility when constructing supplier and non-standard tool configurations. Customizable templates, including the management of blank and predrilled plates, allow for easy tool layout creation and enhanced editing at any stage of the design process.

The new Mold Tool provides a greater level of flexibility for both tool creation and advanced editing, which allows for adjustments to be made at any stage of a tool-designs development. All assembly components are automatically updated when plate adjustments are made, including component cavity manufacturing data.

As part of a wider project of using established and proven Group technology, the Reverse Engineering Suite has been officially released in 2018 R1, allowing for a point cloud to be loaded from an external file, and the optimized mesh created by setting different refining and smoothing options.

The ability to create project design and manufacturing technical reports have been included within the systems snapshot manager using data captured throughout the CAD and CAM project stages.

Further enhancements have been made within the plastic Flow warpage prediction module to improve result accuracy for complex technical polymers. These improvements have been achieved by a complete revision of the algorithms for the Holding phase. Pressure and flow rate calculation adjustments, combined with the new shape solver, significantly improve the performance by reducing the calculation time up to 40 percent.

Sheet-metal developments in the progress strip development area and blank prediction include the ability to manage constraints of specific faces of a blanked component. It is also possible to define the face constraint in X or Y, or in both directions, which is particularly useful for designers who want to blank only specific areas of a model for step-by-step stage unfolding. In addition, the process of managing strip layouts using double component geometry has been enhanced to reduce the development time of a 3D strip design.

About TST
TST Tooling Software Technology is known for its innovative cutting edge CAD/CAM/CAE software, support services, and Tool Shop Tracking software for the Tooling and Production industries.  TST is the North American Master Distributor for VISI and PEPS, and also sells and supports Dynaform Simulation software and Factory Wiz Monitoring & DNC as well as TST's Custom Applications. Contact TST at to learn more about what TST and VISI can do for you.   

About Vero Software
Headquartered in England, Vero Software designs, develops, and supplies CAD/CAM/CAE software radically enhancing the efficiency of design and manufacturing processes, providing its customers with exceptional value through high productivity gains and significantly reducing time to market.

The company’s world-renowned brands include ALPHACAM, CABINET VISION, EDGECAM, Machining STRATEGIST, PEPS, RADAN, SMIRT, SURFCAM, WORKNC, WORKPLAN and VISI. Despite the diversity of application, these solutions have one thing in common: they all address the rising challenges of achieving manufacturing efficiencies and bring huge value to the operations in which they are deployed.
Vero has direct offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, China, South Korea, Spain and India supplying products to more than 45 countries through its wholly owned subsidiaries and reseller network.
Vero is part of Hexagon (Nordic exchange: HEXA B), a leading global provider of information technologies that drive quality and productivity across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications.
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