e.micronora 2020
e.micronora 2020

VISI, The Solution for Stamping and Cutting Processes

Reverse engineering and Progress enhancements in VISI 2021

Hexagon will present the new version of its specialized CAD/CAM software for molds and press tools at the virtual e-micronora event, which runs from 22 to 25 September 2020.


Developments to the CAD Reverse module enhance the Reverse and Casting processes. The scanning operation has been improved with the shaded view, giving better and faster feedback. And Reverse projects now benefit from faster and more precise surface creation.

With Point Scanning, the shaded point cloud is now shown during the scanning operation, giving the operator an immediate view of what has been correctly scanned, and if anything is missing.

VISI Progress

VISI Progress is dedicated to progressive die design and press tools.

Part Unfolding

To provide a powerful and complete solution to this new solid unfolding approach, additional features have been included for flanges and parts with non-linear bends. “The aim is to study and modify a part, preserving the links between the different unfolding steps,” says VISI Product Owner, Marco Cattaneo.

The Part Definition feature has been improved, giving better and faster part analysis, identifying the different face types, defining material, and setting linear bends unfolding. Different colors can be set, relating to different neutral fibre values, giving quick identification for unfolded linear bends and fibre value. “After automatically analysing the part, VISI 2021 can now edit the faces recognition, giving a warning description, meaning the user can better understand why an operation has failed, making it easier to decide a different approach.”

A new feature manages flange unfolding on the analysed part, and shows the result in preview mode, so the operator can evaluate the result and set different parameters, while preserving the link with the original part. This automatically recalculates the flanged part, meaning all linked parts can then be rebuilt in reference to a modification on the original.    

A new chamfer creation option has been added when creating inserts, offering a logical and fast process during creation.

VISI 2021 provides a new direct link between VISI Progress and the incremental simulation software, Stampack Xpress, to evaluate the stamping processes defined in VISI. Stampack's simulation results can be used to modify or validate the processes, which saves time in the design (MAP) and validation of the tooling.

Finally, the loading speed of standard elements has been doubled, enhancing VISI Progress’s reputation as being the essential software for designing press tools.

When creating strip forming processes, combining the new link between the Stampack Xpress incremental simulation with VISI’s tool design and reverse engineering modules, allows the 3D files of the parts modified during the set-up, to be updated.

Looking ahead to MICRONORA 2021, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence teams will be on hand to demonstrate the very latest updates to VISI at that time.



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